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Illuminating the Pathway to Victory with Data-Driven Voter Insights

Form stronger connections with the key audiences who matter most to your campaign.  

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What We Do

What's Your Story?

Tell your story by amplifying strategic messages to the audiences who hold the keys to your campaign's success. 

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How We Can Help

Optimize Your Campaign

Providing you accurate and intelligent targeting across all mediums of voter contact:

  • Identify your target audiences
  • Optimize delivery of strategic messages
  • Provide data-driven justification of where to allocate campaign resources, budgets, and travel
  • Connect the candidate to the most important voter audiences across all media platforms
  • Power your campaign's ability to persuade and mobilize target voter groups

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Targeted Audiences and Partnerships

Targeted audiences help your message reach those who will be mobilized by it the most. Start exploring our pre-built and custom audience solutions. 

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Deep Root Standard Audiences

Standard audiences are pre-made groups of individuals who share a similar sentiment about a certain topic.


These audiences are frequently refreshed and are available for digital and addressable activation on-demand. 

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Deep Root Custom Audiences

We begin our custom audience creation process by conducting survey interviews with thousands of voters. Their responses are then matched back to our robust database containing millions of rows of voter and consumer data. From there, our skilled team of analysts hand-build individualized models that accurately predict the sentiment and motivation that drives every voter in the election. 


This allows you to have a precise read on each voter's turnout propensity, likelihood to support, oppose, or be persuadable on any given topic, and many other critical insights. 

Product Verticals

Between now and election day, your campaign will demand fast, easy, and precise answers to who your audiences are and how to reach them. 


For over 20 years, we have been pioneers on the forefront of data-driven persuasion and mobilization. Deep Root is built for getting your campaign what it needs when it needs it. 

Built to Connect

Let's talk about how Deep Root will help you tell your story. 

Voters need to hear your distinct and inspiring story. We have the blueprint to help you tell that story in a way that will mobilize target voter audiences and drive your campaign to victory.