The Deep Root Difference

TV advertising is the biggest line item in marketing budgets. But it’s often the least data-driven. Deep Root Analytics offers a Data Management Platform with unique and actionable media insights that is changing that, helping our clients better reach their audiences, win share-of-voice and save money.

Since 2013, Deep Root Analytics has helped political, public affairs and issue advocacy clients at all levels target almost $1 Billion in local and national TV advertising. Deep Root Analytics is the only firm in this space that specializes in media analytics. Moreover, Deep Root provides the only media analytics solution that:

Most Clients & Wins

  • Has helped elect The President, The Senate Majority Leader & The Speaker of The House.
  • Has partnered with more candidates, campaigns, committees and organizations at all levels than any other provider of media analytics.

Trusted by Media Professionals to be Independent

  • Is built and optimized specifically for media buyers and professionals and trusted to win the most competitive races and debates.
  • Doesn’t buy or sell media, acting as a truly media agnostic and independent voice for your media strategy.

TV Data Experts

  • Has the most experience with the widest variety of TV data sources, from closed captioning to smart TVs, and the necessary infrastructure to navigate the complexity of an evolving TV data landscape.
  • Deploys local market and audience methodology, rather than modeling down from the national market level.


  • Is built on over 40 dynamic, proprietary target audiences covering politics, policy, advocacy and corporate affairs.
  • Is built on your advertising campaign’s own first-party target data.


  • Is built and serviced by audience and data experts and political strategists, not by media salespeople.
  • Informs ongoing decision making for clients’ holistic paid and earned media strategies, and is not just a data provider.