Deep Root Platform

TV advertising is the biggest line item in marketing budgets. But it’s often the least accountable. Deep Root Analytics offers a Data Management Platform that is changing that, helping our clients save money and win share-of-voice battles.

The Deep Root Process

Define Target Audience

Define and validate your target audience with primary and secondary research, behavioral and psychographic data, and other consumer data.

Target Audience File

Create a name and address file based upon the defined audience variables.

Multi-Sourced Media Consumption Data

Match the audience file into our multi-sourced data set of set-top box aggregators, service providers, and media measurement companies.

Custom Ratings & Indices

Provide custom ratings and indices for your target audience across every program, network, station and day part combination in national and local markets.

Rate & Inventory Data

Plan and execute your advertising campaign based upon actual rates and available inventory.

Media Buyer Integration

Custom-built software to ensure ratings data can integrate into the most popular types of buying software.

AD Occurrence Data

Measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaign against your target audience.

Additional Data

Incorporate additional individual or DMA level data relevant to your specific use case.

Deep Root Platform

Your Data Management Platform to plan and track your TV media buy.


Our core offering is a Data Management Platform (DMP) to better target your TV advertising. The Deep Root Platform allows you to reach the right audience with the right message and generate a higher return on your advertising budget. We work with you and your media-buying partners to make your TV buying as targeted as your digital buying. In doing so, the Deep Root Platform brings the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of Big Data to Big Media.

We also understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits all solution to each advertising campaign, so we make available two core product offerings in our innovative, audience-driven platform to ensure your media decisions are deeply rooted in data.

Custom Audiences

Our custom offering places you in the driver’s seat. The client identifies the specific audience unique to your use case and Deep Root marries that audience with multi-sourced media consumption datasets. Deep Root provides you and your media partners with custom ratings and indices across every program, network, station and day part combination on broadcast and cable television in the national market and any local market. Moreover, we quickly develop measurable insights so that your media resources can be optimized in real time. Don’t have a first-party audience file? Our heritage in politics means we understand how to leverage data and insights into custom targets, so we routinely partner with clients to define and model specific audiences.

Deep Root Audiences

We have developed models of more than 40 key audiences, how they consume media, and what drives them to make decisions. We merge our pre-built audience segments with additional data points that are important to you – like actual viewing behavior from set-top boxes and service providers and Smart TV data, available rate and inventory data and ad occurrence data. Our pre-built audiences help you plan and buy more efficiently.

Our audience segments are available nationally and in all 210 local markets. Tailored specifically to today’s political and public affairs landscape.

And with Deep Root Analytics’ 40 plus audiences, you’ll reach the right audience, with the right message at the right time – giving you the efficiency and effectiveness that will save you money, and deliver the impact you need.

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