Max Farago

Senior Data Engineer

Max joined Deep Root Analytics in 2019, bringing his two decades of experience building data-driven applications to lead the engineering team at Deep Root.  He is devoted to both computer and human languages, from C/C++ and Golang to Japanese and Latin.  His combined love for language and engineering drew him to Natural Language Processing in data science, where he found an outlet that leverages his appreciation for both worlds.  Before Deep Root, Max worked for PreciseTarget, a data science company in Maryland, where he used consumer transaction and retail product data to build recommendation systems and robust data pipelines to process them.

Max lives in Bethesda with his son and black lab, who are both beginning their teenage years.  On the weekends, you can find him traveling around Maryland to watch his son’s soccer games, cooking at home, or playing piano in a variety of DC venues.  He favors his 1973 Fender Rhodes.