Brent Seaborn


Brent is a Co-Founder at Deep Root, as well as a founding partner at TargetPoint Consulting and Vox Populi Polling. Brent’s pioneering work in MicroTargeting and voter analytics led him to the application of those principles to media targeting and analytics and ultimately to Deep Root Analytics.

Brent has worked as a pollster, targeter, and strategist for presidential campaigns, the Republican National Committee, various ballot initiatives, as well as various corporations and trade associations.

Brent has been a driving force for innovation, and continues to push for the next big idea. His award winning work with the RNC – reinventing its voter scoring and targeting system – was instrumental to the RNC reasserting its dominance in voter targeting and analytics.

Brent lives in California with his wife Shahla, two children, and son’s Russian tortoise – “Nick the Tortoise”.