The Problem

“Spray and pray” is no way to target television advertising and it is a massive waste of precious advertising dollars.

TV advertising is the largest line item in your advertising budget. It’s also the least data-driven and accountable.

Historically, TV advertising has been targeted based upon broad age and gender demographics (e.g., Adults 18-49). This limits the effectiveness of your media buy and often costs you much more. Moreover, media buys that rely on diary viewing behavior or small sample panels lack transparency and are more likely to result in off-target advertising.


The Solution

At Deep Root Analytics, we offer a Data Management Platform (DMP) to better target your TV advertising.

Using our multi-sourced platform of observed media consumption data, Deep Root informs the bookends of your advertising. This means two things: first, we’ll maximize the efficiency of your TV strategy on your target audiences before buys are placed. And second, we will measure the impact of your campaign against your target audiences
mid-campaign, as well as the buys of peers and competitors.

The result? We’ll open the black-box of media buying and be sure that the best, most accurate data is driving your buy and reporting back the campaign’s effects. By partnering with Deep Root, you’ll:

Know exactly who you are trying to reach and what that group watches on TV – not generalized viewership across broad demographic groups

Receive maximized efficiency before your buy is placed to get more for your budget

View real metrics during the campaign to measure the reach and frequency you (and peers and competitors) are achieving on critical target audiences.

Your TV campaign can be more than dollars spent, spot counts and GRPs on demographic groups. At Deep Root, we’re bringing the effectiveness and efficiency of big data to big media.

TV is changing, and so should the way you buy it – with decisions, deeply rooted in data.


The Deep Root Difference


Deep Root Analytics was born out of politics and created by targeting experts to deliver the right message to the right audiences. The same innovators who targeted traditional forms of voter contact like direct mail, phone calls and door knocks are bringing similar methods to big media. Deep Root’s leadership team has filled senior targeting roles on the campaigns of Republican nominees for president since 2000, not to mention the countless statewide and down-ballot races guided by their expertise. Simply put, the Deep Root team is the most experienced group of targeters in Republican politics, and they’re bringing their expertise to the biggest line item of your campaign’s budget.

First in the marketplace

Founded in 2013, Deep Root Analytics was created by the experts who helped pioneer political applications of microtargeting and media analytics. By maximizing the potential of new TV targeting technology and innovating aggressively, Deep Root delivered an optimized TV product before any other firm on the Right. We helped re-elect New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie by historic margins, and we applied our analytics expertise to win races before anyone else on the Right was doing targeted TV.


Deep Root Analytics has optimized more than $500 million in local and national market television advertising. We have worked for large corporations, advocacy group and political campaigns, innovating how TV advertising is planned and bought. We helped HBO target its advertising for its HBO NOW product launch and we helped AARP target their Spanish-Language campaigns. Our roots are in political TV targeting.

Multiple field experiments and post-campaign validation analyses show our work saves money and moves the ballot. Case Studies


Deep Root Analytics has invested heavily in building a proprietary media analytics platform built on the foundation of multi-sourced data.

While many in the marketplace rely on a single-source for TV viewership data, Deep Root uses aggregators like Rentrak and Fourthwall, goes directly to MSOs, works with smart-TV providers and marries it all to traditional media consumption data sets.

The platform is also built to be flexible, meaning as new data sources enter the market place, or as your campaign wants any individual or market-level dataset to be included, Deep Root can quickly and accurately add it to its platform.

Media Buyer Integration

Deep Root Analytics custom built software to ensure that its ratings data can integrate into the most popular types of software used by media buyers. This means that the process in which buyers work won’t change – but the data they use will.

This software is built to make buying using Deep Root data as easy as possible: it occurs natively in the software buyers are comfortable using and includes only shows with available inventory while including accurate rates and targeted cost-perpoint figures, ensuring the best use of the data for an effective and efficient ad campaign.


There are other companies that do TV targeting, but it's only one small part of their analytical offerings. Deep Root is the only company focused exclusively on media analytics, meaning we are specialists in the optimization of broadcast, cable, digital and radio buys. We know exactly how to reach your target audiences through media in the most effective and efficient ways possible.


Deep Root Analytics’ proprietary methodology extends beyond our multi-sourced media analytics platform: our team has developed one-of-a-kind tools that will help your buying teams and strategists make decisions deeply rooted in data, including Optimized Buys, Sequoia Score, Kudzu Marketing and more.


Deep Root Analytics prides itself on presenting large-linked data sets in a useful, easy-to-use and compelling way. The ability to make complex data approachable for experienced and inexperienced data-users alike sets Deep Root apart. Clients have 24/7 online access to the Deep Root platform via a password-protected login, where executive and operations dashboards are fully integrated in the campaign for senior strategists and media buyers.

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