Deep Root is an audience-powered analytics company that works with clients to do four key things:

identify your audiences

To identify your organization’s ideal audiences, we leverage our analytics, targeting and metrics infrastructure that produces a variety of highly accurate probabilities for every adult in your market on the measures that matter most to your organization. These probabilities are built off of our in-house national file that is rich with consumer and behavioral data, vote history, and regularly enhanced with large-sample surveys. Audiences are then comprised of individuals most likely to be receptive to your marketing campaign.

We can work with your organization in three ways:

  1. Create and deploy custom-built audiences as the backbone of your audience-powered analytics campaign. We will leverage our in-house infrastructure described above and enhance it with a custom large sample survey in your desired markets on your key issues. To learn more about microtargeting and voter scoring, click here.
  2. Deploy our pre-built Deep Root Audiences as the backbone of your audience-powered analytics campaign. To learn more about our regularly-refreshed list of Deep Root Audiences, click here.
  3. Ingest your organization’s first party data as the backbone of your audience-powered analytics campaign. Does your organization have its own audiences? We will ingest your data and match it into our platform.

analyze your audiences

Once your audiences have been identified, we will analyze how they consume media to optimize your strategy. We do this by matching your audiences to observed TV viewership data to create audience-specific TV ratings. Our state-of-the-art targeting capabilities make TV buys more effective by putting more ads in front of the people that matter. Pre- and post-tests regularly reveal information flow and ad recall increases of 10-15% among targets compared to non-targets after a TV campaign optimized by Deep Root airs.

We also make TV buys more cost-efficient by leveraging audience-specific TV ratings, allowing our clients to buy all the inventory that stations under-value relative to the organization’s key audiences. Post-campaign analysis shows Deep Root regularly delivered at least 30% efficiencies, and since 2013 we have turned $1 billion of TV spending into over $1.3 billion worth of ads, providing over $300 million of value to our clients.

This audience-specific ratings data is housed in our Deep Root Platform. To learn more about our Platform, click here.

integrate your audiences

In order to deploy an audience-powered advertising campaign, Deep Root provides for the integration of your audiences into linear, addressable and digital platforms for advertising on video screens:

  • Linear: Your audience-specific TV ratings will be matched to rate and inventory data from your agency, and we integrate directly with your media buyer’s planning software for linear placement on broadcast, cable and satellite TV.
  • Addressable: Your audiences will be matched into TV platforms for addressable ad delivery with guaranteed viewability.
  • Digital: We also match your audiences into digital platforms, including OTT and CTV environments, for ad delivery during television content.

To learn more about our audience integrations, including which providers have Deep Root Audiences ready for immediate deployment, click here.

MEASURE your audiences

“Not your average media monitoring”

  1. Paid Media Audience Measurement: We match ad occurrence data to our audience-specific ratings data to track how key audiences are being exposed to advertising. We use this data to provide live reporting, including robust share-of-voice analyses down to the program level, allowing for in-campaign optimization and complete situational awareness even when you are not actively advertising.
  2. Earned Media Audience Measurement: We match mentions of key subjects on TV to audience-specific ratings for regular reporting on the impact of earned media. This reporting adds a layer of audience insights that helps clients prioritize what news coverage is reaching their audiences — and what coverage is not.
  3. Digital Ad Tracking: Deep Root collects and aggregates discoverable digital advertising, including ads delivered on Google and Facebook platforms, related to your organization’s efforts.

Paid Media Audience Measurement, Earned Media Audience Measurement and Digital Ad Tracking are updated regularly and housed in the Deep Root Platform. Learn more here.