The Problem

“Spray and pray” is no way to target television advertising and it is a massive waste of precious advertising dollars.

TV advertising is the largest line item in your advertising budget. It’s also the least data-driven and accountable.

Historically, TV advertising has been targeted based upon broad age and gender demographics (e.g., Adults 18-49). This limits the effectiveness of your media buy and often costs you much more. Moreover, media buys that rely on diary viewing behavior or small sample panels lack transparency and are more likely to result in off-target advertising.

The Solution

At Deep Root Analytics, we offer a Data Management Platform (DMP) to better target your TV advertising.

Using our multi-sourced platform of observed media consumption data, Deep Root informs the bookends of your advertising. This means two things: first, we’ll maximize the efficiency of your TV strategy on your target audiences before buys are placed. And second, we will measure the impact of your campaign against your target audiences
mid-campaign, as well as the buys of peers and competitors.

The result? We’ll open the black-box of media buying and be sure that the best, most accurate data is driving your buy and reporting back the campaign’s effects. By partnering with Deep Root, you’ll:

Know exactly who you are trying to reach and what that group watches on TV – not generalized viewership across broad demographic groups.

Receive maximized efficiency before your buy is placed to get more for your budget

View real metrics during the campaign to measure the reach and frequency you (and peers and competitors) are achieving on critical target audiences.

Your TV campaign can be more than dollars spent, spot counts and GRPs on demographic groups. At Deep Root, we’re bringing the effectiveness and efficiency of big data to big media.

TV is changing, and so should the way you buy it – with decisions, deeply rooted in data.

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