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Mar 27, 2020

How COVID-19 Has Influenced Media Consumption

Author: Deep Root AnalyticsThe implementation of social distancing practices across the country has had an immediate and sizable impact on media consumption. From shifts in streaming habits to the shifts in local news viewership, the common theme across all platforms is the increase in the amount of television being watched. Here are some top stories we read

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Mar 4, 2020

NEW in 2020: Deep Root Congressional District Audience Ratings

Author: Deep Root AnalyticsWith nominees being established in several competitive congressional districts yesterday, Deep Root is thrilled to announce an exciting innovation for 2020: we now have congressional district specific audience ratings for linear optimization. This means that Deep Root will produce unique ratings for all 435 congressional districts, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness available to campaigns

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Feb 24, 2020

ICYMI: Ampersand Announces New Partnership with Deep Root Analytics

Author: Deep Root AnalyticsWe are thrilled to share that Ampersand announced a new partnership with us last week. Read their release below. Dear Partner: Today we’re excited to share that we’ve completed a new integration with Deep Root Analytics, an audience-powered analytics company. Deep Root creates audience segments that are built for political and issue advertisers. They

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Feb 5, 2020

A Day-in-the-Life: Iowa TV Viewer

Author: Deep Root AnalyticsDes Moines was the busiest market for advertising leading up to the Iowa Caucus. More presidential campaign ads aired in Des Moines on January 31, 2020 than any other day. The below illustrates a day in the life of an Iowa TV viewer on that day.

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Jan 14, 2020

Kelly Georgia to WSJ: How buyers are reacting to the new digital landscape

Author: Deep Root AnalyticsWall Street JournalJanuary 14, 2020 Here’s How New Digital Ad Limits Are Reshaping 2020 Campaigns The Takeaway: Google, Twitter and Facebook have rewritten the rules for digital political advertising — and campaigns are preparing to shift gears. Social media and internet advertising giants have changed everything about political campaigns over the last decade. Now

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Nov 20, 2019

Biden Tops Earned Media Share among Iowa Democrats, but at a Declining Rate

Author: Deep Root AnalyticsWhen the top Democratic hopefuls walk on stage for the 5th presidential debate this week, Democratic caucus-goers in Iowa tuning in will be 75 days away from kicking off the first major presidential contest. As more political attention focuses on the Hawkeye State, we thought it would be informative to measure how the respective

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