The Challenge

Deep Root Analytics specializes in producing reliable, data-driven insights to optimize TV advertising purchases. Our strategists have experience in races of all sizes – including high-profile Congressionals, state-wide campaigns, and Presidential elections. But we know there’s so much more happening in politics, and we think that political advertisers with smaller TV budgets should benefit from media optimization just like top-tier, full service campaigns do.

The Solution

Deep Root has designed a cost-effective TV targeting solution built specifically for political advertisers with smaller advertising budgets. With this new offering, all advertisers can leverage the trusted, audience-centric, and observed TV viewership data, optimized by our expert team of media analytics strategists, packaged in a way to meet the needs of down-ballot campaigns.

Who it’s for – Down-ballot statewide races (AG, LG, etc.), Congressional campaigns, state Senate and House races, and local & municipal elections.

How It Works

With Juniper, advertisers can select from our GOP Base, GOTV, and Swing Voter audiences available in more than 150 marketsand growing.

Juniper is built off of the same Deep Root Audiences on which you rely for targeting. Those audiences are matched to the same sources of TV data that make up the most robust dataset of observed viewership data on the Right. This data is leveraged to make optimized recommendations for your smaller budget clients. We developed Juniper by analyzing the number of TV programs bought by down-ballot programs and provide to you the optimal amount of data needed for these campaigns.

Interested in Learning More?

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