Custom Audiences

Our leadership pioneered work in MicroTargeting, combining massive databases with enhanced consumer information and our large sample survey research to solve basic problems in a more advanced way.

The next generation of MicroTargeting, voter scoring, is an analytics, targeting and metrics infrastructure that serves as the backbone of strategic decision-making and uses sophisticated analytical and modeling tools that are highly accurate and extremely flexible. Using this approach, our scores can provide key insights underlying political, budgeting and targeting decisions in all spaces including voters, influentials, customers, prospects and jury selection. Our Scoring System evolves from the segmentations of MicroTargeting to an integrated, evolving system of prediction and optimization.

Using innovative technology, we transform data into actionable information, knowledge and solutions. Through our analytics technology, we can provide you contact or target lists for digital, in-person, phone and mail programs, allowing for fully integrated and coordinated communication efforts. A custom project provides many benefits, including the measurement of a named-ballot, and testing of unique issues. These benefits create optimal efficiencies for your budget.

We also input proprietary client data, including observed data from the field into solid performance metrics; providing data for election projections; geo-prioritize maps to find the locations with the greatest potential ROI; optimize the most efficient and scalable target universes; create ideological heat mapping of target audiences for visualization, and much more.