Case Studies

2016 Case Study

Integration at Scale with the GOP Data Ecosystem

Deep Root Analytics was able to easily plug into an existing data and tech infrastructure, and do so at scale, thanks to the breadth of our previous work with client-preferred partners.

2016 Case Study

Targeting the Right Audience Across Screens to Win a Contested and Expensive Congressional Seat

By identifying the voters that mattered early and targeting them consistently across screens, SMP and Deep Root Analytics helped their candidate win re-election in an extremely expensive and contested congressional seat in 2016.

2016 Case Study

Having Technology in Place To Handle Late Advertising Surprises

Through early investment in the proper technology with Deep Root Analytics, one Iowa Congressional campaign had all the pieces in place to measure and respond to any late-campaign surprises.

2015 Case Study Compilation

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2015 Case Study



For its recent launch of HBO NOW, the new stand-alone Internet streaming service, HBO leveraged innovative target modeling and audience-driven media analytics to target TV advertising to those most likely to subscribe to the new service...

2014 Infographic

A New Era of Data Driven TV Campaigns


During the 2014 Midterm Elections, Deep Root optimized media spend in 20 races, including top-tier contests for the U.S. Senate, Governor, and down-ballot offices.