Case Studies

2018 Case Study

Project VAMOS: Hispanic Audience Ratings and Voter Scores

See how we helped solve a data gap in Hispanic viewership to help better reach Hispanic political audiences.

2016 Case Study

Quantifying Audience Exposure Across Paid and Earned Media

Ryan for Congress had a complete view of the television landscape and how it was reaching the voters who would determine the outcome of the Speaker’s re-election campaign.

2016 Case Study

Early Targeted Television by Portman Leads to Victory in Battleground Ohio

Early adoption of TV targeting in a closely-watched U.S. Senate race helped turn a Democrat pick-up opportunity to a 21-point Republican win.

2016 Case Study

Pre-Buy Strategic Intelligence Informs Media Buying Decisions

Deep Root Analytics provided additional audience-centric media analytics to guide the early stages of the buying process and empowered our clients with quick, actionable insights as they pieced together their media buy.

2016 Case Study

Integration at Scale with the GOP Data Ecosystem

Deep Root Analytics was able to easily plug into an existing data and tech infrastructure, and do so at scale, thanks to the breadth of our previous work with client-preferred partners.

2016 Case Study

Targeting the Right Audience Across Screens to Win a Contested and Expensive Congressional Seat

By identifying the voters that mattered early and targeting them consistently across screens, SMP and Deep Root Analytics helped their candidate win re-election in an extremely expensive and contested congressional seat in 2016.