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Deep Root is a media analytics firm. We offer a Data Management Platform (DMP) that leverages the highest quality media consumption data to surface unique, actionable insights to marketers. This enables them to effectively and efficiently target their audiences.

To do so, Deep Root uses proprietary data acquisition, blending and modeling methodologies. We match first-party target data to a blended set of large, linked, multi-sourced datasets to provide media analytics dashboards and tools, including custom ratings, optimized media buys, ad occurrence evaluation, media mix modeling, and unduplicated reach analysis.

Deep Root Analytics is a predictive media analytics company, leading the way in how paid media is bought.

The proprietary Deep Root platform takes advertisers’ first-party files and identifies cost-effective ways to reach your audiences.

We are not a media-buying agency. We partner with clients’ media planning & buying operations and firms.

Deep Root’s heritage in politics offers a unique view to corporate advertisers – one that can be extremely helpful in a crowded, fractured and fast media landscape:

Objective, Agnostic & Transparent. Unlike others, we don’t rely on one source of data. And we don’t own the media we are analyzing. We are agnostic. We built a platform for planners and buyers. We let our analytics tell you where to target advertising. And we visualize our analytics so you can actually see and build an optimized buy!

Audience Intimacy. We are experts in segmenting, identifying and targeting the niche audiences that form broader audiences (e.g., “Loyalty Rewards Members” & “Persuadable Customers”).

Speed to Insight. We quickly develop insights so that resources can be optimized quickly and redeployed to different creatives or media in real time.

“Top-Down” & “Bottom-Up”. Our deliverables and dashboards are designed both for senior decision-makers and for media planners and buyers.

Conquest Marketing. Politics is a market share business. We are focused on producing competitive behavior insights.

We know local markets. Our heritage means “All politics is local” is in our DNA. Our data is modeled and matched at both a national market and at a local market level.

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