Mar 18, 2021

NOW AVAILABLE: New and Refreshed Audiences

Author: Deep Root Analytics

Changes to the issue climate and the national landscape, enhanced by a new administration and new congress, mean that advertisers must tailor their efforts to make sure their messages resonate with evolving consumer and voter perspectives. Deep Root has an unparalleled ability to navigate the constantly shifting consumer, public affairs, issue advocacy, and political landscapes by understanding how these changes affect attitudes and sentiment.

To accurately reflect the attitudinal and behavioral shifts in the country, Deep Root is unveiling new audiences for 2021. These audiences can be leveraged across multiple verticals — including corporate reputation, public affairs, issue advocacy, and political, ranging from our Corporate Responsibility and Influentials audiences, to our COVID-19 Vaccine audiences. Deep Root builds our standard audiences based on data from our in-house national file and our own recurring microtargeting surveys — we always anonymize audience data in order to protect privacy and identity.


We help advertisers build audience-powered campaigns that ensure their messages reach the most-receptive audience members — creating an environment that allows ads to be not only present, but persuasive. At our core, Deep Root strives to ensure that our clients are using the most sophisticated and accurate audiences possible to drive every part of their campaign strategy.

With the rapidly changing media landscape fragmenting your audience members across screens, individuals are harder to reach than ever before. Advertisers can reach these audiences efficiently on linear television with our data-driven optimization tools and extend their reach and frequency to those same audiences via our Advanced TV partnership network — ensuring they’re able to reach each audience member efficiently, no matter how they consume media. Deep Root has partnered with leading providers across all inventory types to make these premium audiences widely available:

● Addressable TV & VOD
● CTV & OTT Platforms and Services
● Digital & Terrestrial Radio
● Social Media Channels
● Managed Service Providers
● Demand Side Platforms
● Peer-To-Peer Texting

For more information on how to activate these audiences across the advertising ecosystem, please contact Nate Romberg, Deep Root’s Sr. Director of Partnership Sales at [email protected].

Interested in building an audience not available in our standard taxonomy to help target your advertising efforts? We also offer custom audience subscription offerings. If you’d like to find out more about how Deep Root can help create custom audiences catered to your issue efforts, please reach out to Brian Rose, Deep Root’s VP of Business Development at [email protected].