Mar 1, 2021

Reach Influentials with Peer-to-Peer Texting

Author: Deep Root Analytics

As the 2020 election cycle showed, political campaigns have widely added peer-to-peer texting to their arsenal of fundraising programs. Along with the success shown in the 2020 campaign cycle, mobile donations have been climbing for years. Mobile donations had risen 17% from 2014 to 2019, and with the pandemic still ongoing, in-person fundraising will likely continue to be strongly impacted in 2021. But acquisition efforts don’t stop at fundraising and texting the right audience can generate success across various calls to action, which is why you should consider texting Deep Root audiences to gather advocates for all of your upcoming advocacy efforts.

Our Influentials audiences are a perfect fit – they’re perceptive of current events, engaged in their community, and likely to be receptive to issue advocacy messages. Targeting your calls to action to our Influentials audiences gives you the benefit of reaching the individuals most likely to take action, while still remaining broad enough to drive a worthwhile number of signups. If you’d like to hone in even further, we even have this audience broken out across a few prominent verticals:

  • Influentials – Individuals who are high turnout voters, likely to follow the news, and actively engage in their community.
  • Energy Influentials – Individuals who are high turnout voters, likely to follow energy-related news, and actively engage in energy-related issues facing their community.
  • Healthcare Influentials – Individuals who are high turnout voters, likely to follow healthcare-related news, and actively engage in healthcare-related issues facing their community.

If you don’t already have a preferred peer-to-peer texting provider, tap into our network of partners for streamlined peer-to-peer activation. Our audiences can also be ingested into your own third-party peer-to-peer texting platform. At Deep Root, we strive to give you privacy-compliant, scalable solutions that can be impactful at every phase of your campaign.

If you’d like to find out more about how Deep Root and our audiences can help drive greater efficiencies and impact for your digital fundraising efforts, please contact Nate Romberg, Deep Root’s Director of Partnership Sales, at [email protected].