Feb 1, 2021

Understanding the Impact of Your Advertisement Campaign

Author: Deep Root Analytics

With the transition of power complete in Washington, organizations face a rapidly changing legislative, regulatory and issues climate. Whether you have an active paid advertisement campaign regarding one of these issues or are looking to measure how news coverage is reaching your audiences, Deep Root is here to help.

Our software solutions married with our best-in-class data library of political, issue-specific and corporate reputation audiences allows us to measure how key audiences are being impacted by paid and earned media day in and day out.

The metrics we provide are diverse and include targeted impressions, targeted rating point value, and robust share-of-voice analysis, all attached to video so you can see how your issues are being covered in the news and can provide your team with actionable insights and in-depth reporting on the efficacy of your paid and earned media strategies.

Use Cases by Deep Root Clients:

  • Complete Situational Awareness. Understand the value and impact of every exposure related to your issue or enterprise for the audiences you care about most.
  • Principal Management. Our tools allow advisors and strategists to provide quantitative audience value to TV hits.
  • Surrogate Placement. Our tools will help you decide where best to have surrogates spend their time pushing your message.
  • Re-targeting. Because you understand the audience impact outside paid and earned media is having, you can make more strategic decisions for your own paid campaign.

If you are interested in Deep Root building custom targeted audiences for your issue advocacy efforts to help enhance the re-targeting of your own paid advertisement campaign, consider our audience subscription offerings.

For more information on how we can help track your issue advocacy efforts, or to learn about any of Deep Root’s other offerings, please reach out to Brian Rose at [email protected].


Deep Root is an audience-powered analytics company that identifies your organization’s ideal audiences, optimizes your advertising based on how those audiences consume media, integrates them into platforms for linear, addressable and digital ad delivery, and measures how your audiences are being impacted by paid and earned media.

Deep Root creates its proprietary audiences by leveraging its analytics, targeting, and metrics infrastructure to produce a variety of highly-accurate probabilities for every individual on a wide range of measures that matter to advertisers. These probabilities are built off of its in-house national file that is rich with consumer and behavioral data, vote history, and is regularly enhanced with large-sample issue surveys. Deep Root then matches those audiences into observed TV viewership data to inform audience distribution across the media landscape. These state-of-the-art targeting capabilities ultimately result in more effective and cost-efficient advertising campaigns.

Deep Root has extensive experience in building highly-scalable audiences that can be targeted across all screens – from linear television to Advanced TV and traditional digital. Deep Root audiences can be leveraged across multiple verticals — including corporate reputation, public affairs, issue advocacy, and political — and are always anonymized in order to protect privacy and identity.