Oct 28, 2020

Built for You

Author: Deep Root Analytics

At our core, Deep Root strives to ensure that our clients are using the most sophisticated and accurate audiences possible to drive nearly every part of their campaign strategy. A major piece of this includes building and providing our standard audiences as an off-the-shelf solution across platforms and products to make paid media campaigns more efficient.

We know, however, that many campaigns require more detail and greater customization to help you achieve your objectives, which is why we’re excited to offer audience subscriptions. By utilizing these subscriptions, you or your clients receive customized audiences catered directly to your issue(s). And by building these audiences off of our own regularly recurring, large sample national surveys, your organization can have the value of custom audiences at a fraction of the cost of a standalone project.

What’s included:

  • Audiences designed specifically for your issue and campaign with exclusive availability
  • Results of your questions and national toplines from our survey
  • Management and storage of your data in a privacy compliant setting
  • Exclusive access to your audiences across our network of partners for addressable and digital activation
  • Access to all of Deep Root’s standard audiences
  • Preferred pricing on additional product offerings, including linear optimization, as well as paid and earned media measurement

Finding the right audience is the foundational element that campaigns need to build the most effective and holistic strategy. With the rapidly changing media landscape fragmenting your audience members across screens, individuals are harder to reach than ever before. Lean on Deep Root’s extensive knowledge and expertise in modeling and viewership to not only depict your audience’s profile, but also help you understand how best to reach them through the proper channels. Our audience subscription will provide you with the audiences and infrastructure your organization needs to run the most targeted campaign possible.

For more information on pricing and details, or to see the latest list of our network of partners, please reach out to Brian Rose at [email protected].