Sep 28, 2020

Alex Lundry is Speaking at TVB’s 2020 Alt Forward Virtual Conference

Author: Deep Root Analytics

Deep Root’s Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Alex Lundry, will be speaking at TVB’s Alt Forward 2020 Virtual Conference this week on Thursday, October 1st. The Alt Forward Conference is a multi-dimensional, virtual adaptation of the annual Forward Conference for TVB members, agencies, and customers.

Alex will be on a forum with professionals from Comscore, Publicis Media Exchange, and EW Scripps to discuss audience data measurement in the political and automotive advertisements industries.

Although very different at first glance, the political and automotive industries and their advertising strategies share many similarities. Both industries place a premium on local-level advertising and measurement. They also both target unique audiences in these local advertising efforts and tend to engage in significant market share battles with their competitors. Deep Root is here to help.

Here at Deep Root we can build audiences specific to the target viewership as well as the locality of an advertising campaign. We can then integrate the audience into various television and digital platforms, and measure how it’s being impacted by paid and earned media. We can also measure how the advertising campaigns of their competitors are performing.

Audience based advertising with Deep Root can help companies and groups across multitudes of industries navigate and adapt to this evolving media environment, and make sure their advertising campaign is both effective and cost-efficient. Deep Root has extensive experience in building highly-scalable audiences that can be targeted across all screens – from linear television to Advanced TV and traditional digital. Deep Root audiences can be leveraged across multiple verticals — including corporate reputation, public affairs, issue advocacy, and political — and are always anonymized in order to protect privacy and identity.