Sep 21, 2020

Audience Spotlight: Early Voters

Author: Deep Root Analytics

COVID-19 is impacting how voters cast their ballot this fall. With early results showing approximately three times as many people voting by mail this year, it’s clear a high percentage of voters will cast ballots before Election Day. It is also expected that more people will vote early, in person. Thirty-nine states allow early voting, in addition to absentee voting.

At Deep Root, we aim to help our clients navigate the changing electorate and help you reach the right audience, at the right time.

Given the electorate’s shifting attitudes towards the various mediums in which to vote, knowing when to target voters depending on your state’s rules, has never been more important. Our Early and Absentee Voters audiences will help your paid advertising campaigns effectively reach these key voters:

  • Swing Early and Absentee Voters – Voters who are undecided on the upcoming election and are likely to vote early or absentee.
  • GOP Early and Absentee Voters – Republican voters who are likely to vote early or absentee.

These topical and scalable audiences can be targeted at every phase of your paid media campaign and leveraged across all screens – including addressable television, over-the-top and connected TV, programmatic digital, and social channels. To learn more about how you can activate these premium audiences for all of your paid advertising, please contact Nate Romberg, Deep Root’s Director of Partnership Sales, at [email protected].


Not leveraging our Early and Absentee Voters audiences? Take a look at our full standard taxonomy to discover other audiences that might be helpful to your ongoing audience targeting efforts. Deep Root has extensive experience in building highly-scalable audiences that can be targeted across all screens – from linear television to Advanced TV and traditional digital. Deep Root’s political and voter issue audiences are always anonymized in order to protect privacy and identity.