Sep 10, 2020

National Advertisers Adapt to Local Targeting During COVID-19

Author: Deep Root Analytics

In April, TV [REV] and Alan Wolk covered the changing landscape as national advertising campaign strategies are being supplanted by regional spot buys. The regional spot buy’s locality heavily depends on the stage of the pandemic and lockdown in each different region. Many corporate reputation, brand, and public affairs advertising campaigns will need to adapt to this evolving media environment. Deep Root is helping our clients implement by providing them the tools needed to implement an audience based local media strategy.

Deep Root is able to identify your organization’s ideal audiences, optimize your advertising based on how those audiences consume media, integrate them across platforms, and measure how your audiences are being impacted by paid and earned media. Identifying the exact audience an advertiser wants to target based on both location and demographics will be especially important for corporations and public affairs groups transitioning their media strategy to regional spot advertising.

Furthermore, here at Deep Root, we know that there is a growing number of platforms that people use to consume media. With Deep Root, advertisers can harmonize audience advertising across all major platforms, utilizing our media consumption data to reach those more likely to consume media across mediums, including linear TV, addressable, OTT, CTV, digital and offline.

Specifically, Addressable advertising – the ability to do a 1:1 match of an audience to a list of TV subscribers for targeted delivery- is going to become increasingly important. Addressable advertising with Deep Root can help deliver to these specific regions by being able to target DMA-wide and statewide campaigns. Deep Root now has the ability to go one step further and deliver to even smaller geographies. Whether you are targeting a statewide, DMA-wide, or smaller geography, Deep Root audiences will be pre-matched in a privacy compliant way for addressable delivery. As pointed out by TV [REV], selling ads to specific households in specific locations is going to be an important adaptation for these national advertisers.

Like many other industries and practices, once changes are made in the media industry, it is not likely consumers and advertisers will revert to old practices. That is why national advertisers across the corporate reputation, brand, and public affairs must adapt and evolve their strategies now in order to maximize the impact of their buys. Audience based targeting with Deep Root is the most effective strategy advertisers can use both now and in the future.

Media consumption habits during the COVID-19 lockdown have changed drastically. With that being said, the one consistent aspect surrounding media consumption is that more people are consuming said media. Whether it’s linear television, addressable, or OTT, the focus of your advertisement campaign should be on who you want to target. Focusing on hitting audiences – regardless of how they are viewing – can help you navigate this rapidly changing landscape.

If you would like to learn more about how Deep Root can help you optimize your budget and reach your intended audiences across the multi-platform media ecosystem, please contact Brian Rose, Deep Root’s Senior Director of Business Development at [email protected].