Aug 27, 2020

Voting Begins Soon in Some States

Author: Deep Root Analytics

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues on as we get closer to election day, there will more than likely be an increase in voters who choose to vote by mail this fall. At Deep Root, we aim to help our clients navigate these changes, understand their potential electoral impact, and reach the right audience even as the electorate transforms.

Understanding and having state by state vote by mail rules and dates at your disposal is important for strategizing on when to target vote by mail audiences for each advertisement campaign. This recent Axios article importantly highlights the different vote by mail laws by each state – including where to obtain an absentee ballot, deadline to request a ballot, and the mail ballot deadline.

We have 3 relevant segments from our taxonomy that can help your paid advertising campaign effectively identify and reach different Vote By Mail audiences, regardless of where they live across the United States:

  • Likely Vote by Mail – All voters who are likely to vote by mail in the upcoming election.
  • GOP Mail Push – Mid to low propensity voters who lean Republican and are more likely to vote if voting by mail is their only option.
  • GOP Mail Volatile – Higher propensity voters who lean Republican, but are less likely to vote if voting by mail is their only option.

These topical and scalable audiences can be targeted at every phase of your paid media campaign and leveraged across all screens – including addressable television, over-the-top and connected TV, programmatic digital, and social channels. Deep Root’s political and voter issue audiences are always anonymized in order to protect privacy and identity. To learn more about how you can activate these premium audiences for all of your paid advertising, please contact Nate Romberg, Deep Root’s Director of Partnership Sales, at [email protected].