Jul 6, 2020

ANNOUNCING: Newly Added and Refreshed Deep Root Audiences Now Available

Author: Deep Root Analytics

The world today looks vastly different than it did last month, let alone last year. Changes to the issue climate and the national landscape mean that advertisers must tailor their efforts to make sure their messages resonate with evolving consumer and voter perspectives. Deep Root has an unparalleled ability to navigate the constantly shifting consumer, public affairs, issue, and political landscapes by understanding how these changes affect attitudes and sentiment. These insights help advertisers build audience-powered campaigns that ensure their messages reach the most-receptive audience members — creating an environment that allows ads to be not only present, but persuasive.

To accurately reflect the attitudinal and behavioral shifts in the country, Deep Root is unveiling new audiences for 2020. These audiences run the gamut of public affairs and political advertising — from Swing voters and Likely Vote by Mail voters, to Issue Influentials and people who place an emphasis on Corporate Responsibility. Deep Root audiences can be leveraged across multiple verticals — including corporate reputation, public affairs, issue advocacy, and political — and are always anonymized in order to protect privacy and identity.

Deep Root has extensive experience in building highly-scalable audiences that can be targeted across all screens – from linear television to Advanced TV and traditional digital. It uses media consumption insights to inform audience creation, distributes audiences for accessible activation via a wide variety of partnerships, and offers a full team of audience experts to help guide audience targeting decisions.

Deep Root creates its proprietary audiences by leveraging its analytics, targeting, and metrics infrastructure to produce a variety of highly-accurate probabilities for every individual on a wide range of measures that matter to advertisers. These probabilities are built off of its in-house national file that is rich with consumer and behavioral data, vote history, and is regularly enhanced with large-sample issue surveys. Deep Root then matches those audiences into observed TV viewership data to inform audience distribution across the media landscape. These state-of-the-art targeting capabilities ultimately result in more effective and cost-efficient advertising campaigns.


For more information on how to activate these audiences for your advertising campaign, please contact Nate Romberg, Deep Root’s Director of Partnership Sales at [email protected].