Jun 23, 2020

Deep Root Analytics and Univision Communications Present VAMOS: the Guide to Hispanic Voter Planning

Author: Deep Root Analytics

As seen in Broadcasting & Cable and TV News Check, Univision launched VAMOS, their new voter analytics and media optimization tool. VAMOS, an acronym for Voter Analytics & Media Optimization Solution, provides custom Spanish-language political audience broadcast ratings in key local markets. With the 2020 election advertising cycle in full swing, VAMOS helps advertisers and media buyers make better informed decisions in their media plans on engaging Hispanic voters.

Deep Root, an audience-powered analytics company, created this platform to help agencies, consultants, and campaigns interested in targeting Hispanic voters truly understand where and when to best reach them on linear television. Univision is an excellent place for campaigns to find political targets across the ideological spectrum.

The nation’s Hispanic voters are not monolithic. It is key for each of the political parties and campaigns to speak to the 32 million eligible Hispanic voters across the U.S. about the issues and candidates,” said Univision’s Michele Day, senior VP, political, advocacy & government group. “Univision is the gateway to this community, and if you are not speaking to them as part of your political buying strategy, then you are missing out on an opportunity to reach our exclusive audience, 83% of which don’t watch any of the top 10 English-language networks.”

The number of Hispanic voters doubled from 5.1 million in 2014 to 10 million in 2018. Univision expects this increasing trend to continue, projecting 15 million eligible Hispanic voters to turn out in 2020, playing a pivotal role in who will be governing our country, from the Presidency to local offices, in years to come.

Although this tool is extremely useful for political advertisers, the data goes well beyond political affiliation. VAMOS delves into consumer attitudes concerning a range of key issues including the environment, economy, healthcare, immigration and gun control, to name a few. The ability to target these audiences can be very useful to corporate reputation, brands, and public affairs campaigns alike.

For more information on VAMOS, as well as a briefing on how to use and activate this tool for your advertising campaign, please contact Alex Lundry,
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, at [email protected].