Jun 11, 2020

Essential and Non-Essential Strategies: Targeting Audiences in The Age of COVID-19

Author: Deep Root Analytics

Campaigns, advocacy groups, companies, trade associations and more were all confident of one thing last year – 2020 was going to be a busy year. Now, a full six months in, no one could have predicted the changes being made to our daily lives and business. What happens when the emergency brake is pulled on the economy to flatten the curve of COVID-19? Much of the planning and executing has been put on hold. Everyone is working to understand what’s essential and non-essential in 2020.

We can help.

Why Targeting Makes Sense, Especially Now

With constricting budgets, we understand that spending money on data optimization is a case that needs to be made. We believe it has never been more important than it is right now.

Utilizing Deep Root as your audience powered analytics solution is a strategic decision that gives you more options and efficiencies.

Deep Root ensures the money you’re spending is spent efficiently and provides a full suite of metrics that show the impact your effort is making. We do this by identifying and helping you reach your intended audiences, cutting waste and misdirection from media plans with broad demographic targeting. Our product offering ensures you are stretching your dollars as far as possible.

In 2018, Deep Root’s clients spent $351 Million on advertising, but garnered $526 Million worth of ads – a 49% lift that produced $175 Million of Value. For a recent corporate reputation campaign, Deep Root’s client spent $9.4 million in five local markets and on national cable but garnered $21.0 million worth of ads – a 133% lift that produced $11.6 million of value.

These efficacies are the exact reason you should consider Deep Root as a necessity rather than a luxury under this new reality.  Our offering can help campaigns reach these important audiences across linear, addressable and connected TV, the programmatic digital ecosystem, as well as mail, phones, texts and door knocks, all while measuring the impact of those communications on key audiences. Having a big media budget is no longer necessary to execute a smart and targeted campaign.

Also, keep in mind the efficiencies of performing a unique microtargeting project. In 2018, the Michigan Republican Party utilized our team to perform microtargeting and data analytics. The MRP utilized those audiences to customize their direct mail program for close to one dozen state house districts. Our microtargeting alone presented an initial 16% efficiency from a standard mail house plan.

Deep Root is able to utilize the specific microtargeting project for the client, along with our library of commercial data, past VoterScores, as well as fully integrate all points of data from the collective voter contact efforts including candidate and campaign door-to-door and phone hard observations.

Using all available data allows for increased efficiency by constantly updating and refining universes with hard observations as opinions change throughout the election.

The value proposition for audience targeting is that it focuses the effort on a specific group of people, whether that’s because they’re most likely to resonate with your message and therefore the easiest to move, or because they’ve been identified as the most important audience to persuade to tip an election in your favor. This results in more cost-efficient advertising. Deep Root is able expand on that and add in new cost efficiencies by segmenting audiences based on where voters consume media, allowing advertisers to more accurately understand how to reach their targets and give them accurate counts to plan around reach and frequency on each medium. This is important in regards to digital advertising because we have the ability to hit our audiences everywhere, specifically in places traditional TV cannot.


These are challenging times. And the biggest challenge may be yet to come. Increasingly, it looks as if many states will utilize mail-in elections in November. These are uncharted waters for many operatives, campaigns, and organizations. Turnout models will be upended. For many congressional, statewide, and down-ballot candidates, their budgets are getting smaller as turnout is likely to increase. This stresses the need to efficiently and effectively raise name ID and push messages to a broader electorate. The challenge could not be more real.

Deep Root Analytics can help. Leveraging our audiences across all mediums (from doors and phones to linear and digital media optimization), will increase your reach and stretch your dollars. Being strategic and smart about who and how you are targeting is no longer a luxury budget item, it is now essential.

We help clients deliver more ads and more messages for the same budget:

  • Better information flow: audiences are 15% more likely to have heard something about client than non-audiences.
  • Increased ad recall: audiences are 11% more likely than non-audiences to recall seeing client’s advertising.

An audience-based strategy is essential in the age of COVID-19. Whether it’s online, a cable hit, or paid media, focus on who you want to talk to in order to maximize impact. We have seen drastic changes in media consumption habits since stay-at-home orders were issued across the states. Focusing on hitting target audiences – regardless of how they are viewing – can help you navigate this rapidly changing landscape.

If you would like to learn how Deep Root can help you optimize your public affairs budget and reach your intended audiences, please contact Brian Rose, Deep Root’s Senior Director of Business Development at [email protected].

If you would like to learn how Deep Root can help you optimize your campaign or political budget and reach your intended audiences, please contact Jonathan Duke, Deep Root’s Director of Business Development at [email protected]