May 12, 2020

ICYMI: Deep Root Analytics Segments Available in Adobe Ad Cloud

Author: Deep Root Analytics

To best serve our clients and media buyers who use the Adobe demand-side platform, Deep Root has integrated with the Adobe Ad Cloud. This partnership elevates advertisers’ targeting capabilities by further allowing them to activate against Deep Root’s premium audiences across the video advertising ecosystem. 

Read below to learn more about these premium audiences and how you can leverage best-in-class targeting for all of your CTV, pre-roll, and programmatic display advertising. For more information on how to activate these audiences for your advertising campaign, please contact Nate Romberg, Deep Root’s Director of Partnership Sales, at [email protected].

This week’s spotlight for (R side) political data in Adobe Ad Cloud: Deep Root Analytics.

Deep Root builds scaled audiences for targeting across all screens – from linear television to Advanced TV and traditional digital. Not only can Deep Root’s audiences be leveraged across multiple verticals — including brand, political, public affairs, and corporate advocacy, but each one of Deep Root’s standard audiences also has a streamers counterpart, which suppresses heavy linear TV viewers and prioritizes heavy streamers and cord cutters. Media buyers using the Adobe Ad Cloud will have access to both cuts, so they can decide based on strategy, inventory type, and avails, which they’d like to use.

Deep Root creates its proprietary audiences by leveraging its analytics, targeting, and metrics infrastructure to produce a variety of highly-accurate probabilities for every individual on a wide range of measures that matter to advertisers. These probabilities are built off of its in-house national file that is rich with consumer and behavioral data, vote history, and is regularly enhanced with large-sample issue surveys. Deep Root then matches those audiences into observed TV viewership data to inform audience distribution across the media landscape. 

Check out the available audiences here: