Apr 23, 2020

National Insights to the Political Landscape and COVID-19

Author: Deep Root Analytics

Deep Root, an audience-powered analytics company, conducted a national survey of nearly 5,000 registered voters via phone and mobile web from April 14-19, responses from which will be used to drive a refresh of Deep Root Audiences available in the coming weeks. 

These audiences are used by corporate reputation, public affairs and political advertisers for audience-powered campaigns across linear TV and radio, addressable TV, OTT, CTV, digital radio and programmatic digital platforms.

Below are initial findings from our survey.

Key Findings:

Anxiety Levels: When testing public opinion of voter’s immediate COVID-19 concerns: 

  • 44% surveyed fear the economy will enter a major recession if not depression, as their primary concern.
  • 41% are most concerned they or a loved one will contract the virus.
  • 29% are primarily concerned the pandemic will cause long term health damage to the global population.
  • 18% are most concerned that losses to personal savings and investments will force a change of long term plans for retirement and other financial goals.
  • 13% place the fear of job loss and longer term struggle to find new employment as their biggest concern. 

Public Health and Civil Liberties: When weighing how we combat the virus against upholding civil liberties, a clear majority (67%) of the public believes the quarantines and local enforced closures of schools, parks, and churches are justified, while 27% believe these restrictions have infringed upon personal freedoms. 

Personal COVID-19 Economic Impact: 39% of those surveyed said that they personally or someone in their household has experienced job loss, furlough, or substantial reduction in pay as a direct result of the pandemic. 

View on China: When voters were asked to choose a statement that most closely aligned with their opinion, 53% of voters believe we cannot trust China and that the United States should work to become more self-reliant. Only 31% believe that current diplomatic relations have resulted in a peaceful partnership and better trade relations to benefit the economy. 

Infrastructure: 71% of those surveyed believe a major investment in infrastructure is needed to rebuild critical highways, bridges, and electrical grids and to serve as a catalyst to get America back to work. 

Vote-by-mail:  With more states moving upcoming special and primary elections toward mail-in only, we tested attitudes towards this new approach to the November elections. Overall, 81% of registered voters surveyed stated they would opt to vote early in-person or by mail, with 59% saying they would be extremely likely to exercise those options, if available in their respective state.


The public is rightfully concerned with their family’s health and the general economic impact the pandemic is causing. Public opinion is shifting on major issues as we speak, including our overall relationship with China and a desire for bold initiatives on infrastructure to get our economy back on track as we work toward recovery. 

Throughout this pandemic, people are spending more and more time consuming content. The top medium measured is social media, with live cable and broadcast not far behind. Whether it’s online, a cable hit, or paid media, the focus should be on who you want to talk to in order to maximize impact. We’ve seen drastic changes in media consumption habits since stay-at-home orders were issued across the states, and focusing on hitting audiences – regardless of how they are viewing – can help you navigate this rapidly changing landscape.