Apr 15, 2020

The New Media Landscape: What it Means for Political Advertisers

Author: Deep Root Analytics

This recent Axios article shows that, according to a new report from Nielsen, the increasing use of streaming video services has only been amplified by current stay-at-home trends.

Whether consumers are viewing video content as a source of comfort in these uncertain times, an escape from the relentless news cycle, or just as a form of entertainment while we’re all cooped up inside, the result is the same — more people are turning to streaming services to get their fix. Major increases in minutes spent streaming, up 85% YOY in March, and over 35% when comparing just the last week of March 2020 to the last week of February 2020, indicate that more people are spending their time streaming content than ever before.

As new trends emerge, Deep Root leans on its understanding and expertise to provide complete, audience-powered solutions that help buyers innovate in a complex new world. To enhance their capabilities within this space and more effectively reach streamers, advertisers should tap into Deep Root’s premium audience offering and expansive network of partners.

Ubiquitous shifts in user behavior like this don’t often revert, which is why it’s crucial for advertisers to fully understand the opportunity in front of them, especially those servicing the political space. By leveraging many diverse talents and backgrounds, Deep Root has garnered vast knowledge of the issues facing media buyers in this ever-evolving landscape — offering not only insights to help advertisers navigate the new terrain, but also solutions that address uncertainties as they arise.

The uptick in streaming is a political marketer’s dream — hard-to-reach voters consuming media on new, reachable mediums. However, two phenomena converge in the OTT advertising space that could cause mistargeted ads to get lost in the shuffle:

  1. For all of the talk about increased streaming consumption, we give unequal attention to the fact that a large portion of this inventory is not ad-insertable — prominent subscription services like Netflix, HBO NOW, and newcomers to the space like Disney+ and Apple TV+ are ad-free.
  2. Exacerbating the problem for political advertisers, several ad-supported platforms place restrictions on political advertising — Amazon’s Prime Video does not allow political advertising at all, while others are prohibiting third-party data targeting for political advertisers.

This reality quickly depletes the once vast ecosystem available to marketers and leaves political advertisers fighting each other for the same long-tail OTT inventory. With networks, publishers, and content owners increasingly partitioning that inventory by distributing sales efforts among multiple aggregators and resellers, the already fragmented space fractures further. In most cases, it’s not only impossible for an OTT buyer to measure their share-of-voice (SOV) on a particular app or network, but also incredibly difficult just to know the fundamentals, like where their ads are running.

As mentioned, there is a solution: build an audience-powered campaign. By targeting specific users instead of apps and networks, buyers can tie together the two OTT value propositions — premium, immersive, full-screen, FEP (full-episode-player) inventory and voters who are hard to reach on other mediums — without navigating the fractured OTT pie. This also helps buyers avoid the OTT fragmentation headache by converting their OTT rubric to measure frequency against specific eyeballs, rather than trying to calculate an unmeasurable SOV percentage.

Deep Root specializes in understanding how audiences consume media to help advertisers deliver smarter campaigns — it has the ability to append audience data to nearly 100% of the OTT inventory that allows political data-targeting, and has aligned itself with the platforms and providers most well-positioned to buy the lion’s share of that inventory.

With streaming up, OTT should be an increased part of media plans in 2020. Deep Root provides the data and insights necessary to help advertisers maximize the potential of this opportunity. For more information on how to activate these audiences for your advertising campaign, please contact Nathan Romberg, Deep Root’s Director of Partnership Sales at [email protected].