Apr 6, 2020

Addressable Advertising with Deep Root Audiences

Author: Deep Root Analytics
Addressable TV — the ability to do a 1:1 match of an audience to a list of TV subscribers for targeted delivery — has been a great tool for advertisers in past political cycles, but delivery has traditionally been limited to larger geographies.

Thanks to Deep Root’s newly formed addressable partnerships, addressable advertising can now be delivered to smaller political geographies, like congressional districts and smaller, provided there is sufficient scale from addressable providers. And of course, DMA-wide and statewide campaigns continue to be an option for advertisers as well. 

Deep Root audiences will be pre-matched in a privacy compliant way for addressable delivery and, in some instances, will also be pre-propagated on devices. This will mitigate the 2-week turnaround time typically required for addressable advertising, allowing advertisers to launch campaigns against Deep Root audiences immediately. This also means there is no minimum spend for pre-propagated audiences, although other minimums around audience sizes and frequency may apply. 

This addressable integration will elevate advertisers’ targeting capabilities by further allowing them to activate against Deep Root’s proprietary audiences across the video advertising ecosystem. It also means that Deep Root Audiences can be leveraged with the speed and targeting required of clients in 2020. Deep Root’s audiences can be leveraged across multiple verticals — including brand, political, public affairs, and corporate advocacy — and are relevant to both the media landscape and issue climate. A breakdown of all audiences available for addressable advertising is viewable below.


For more information on the implementation of these audiences for your addressable campaign, please contact Nathan Romberg, Deep Root’s Director of Partnership Sales at [email protected].