Nov 6, 2019


Author: Deep Root Analytics

Deep Root, an audience-powered analytics company, is proud to congratulate the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) on a hard-fought victory in Kentucky last night.

“RAGA’s team ran a sophisticated, data driven campaign in support of Daniel Cameron,” said Deep Root’s chief data scientist Alex Lundry. “We are proud that our audience-powered analytics helped them execute an efficient and impactful campaign, driving everything from their mail program to their paid TV and digital.”

Deep Root’s work with RAGA included identifying the audiences that were critical to a successful Cameron election, measuring how those audiences consume media to optimize RAGA’s strategy, integrating them into platforms for linear, addressable and digital ad delivery, and measuring how those audiences were impacted by paid and earned media throughout the course of the campaign.

A preliminary analysis found that Deep Root’s data helped turn over $2.9 million spent on broadcast TV into about $4.9 million worth of advertising, a nearly $2 million dollar value on behalf of RAGA. A full case study of our work in Kentucky will be released in the coming days.

“RAGA’s efforts deserve a good deal of credit for this historic election of Daniel Cameron,” said Lundry. “Congratulations are in order to all involved – and in particular to Attorney General Elect Cameron. We are honored to have been a part of the team.”


Deep Root is an audience-powered analytics company that does four things: identifies your organization’s ideal audiences, analyzes how they consume media for optimal advertising, integrates them into platforms for linear, addressable and digital ad delivery, and measures how your audiences are being impacted by paid and earned media.

We do this by leveraging our analytics, targeting and metrics infrastructure that produces a variety of highly accurate probabilities for every adult in your market on the measures that matter most to your organization. We then match those audiences to observed TV viewership data to create audience-specific TV ratings as well as into addressable and digital ad platforms for online activation. Our state-of-the-art targeting capabilities make your advertising plan more effective and more cost-efficient, all while providing clients total situational awareness by quantifying the audience value of paid and earned media activity.

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