Oct 15, 2019

Deep Root Analytics Enhances DC Influentials Product with Local Cable Ad Occurrence Tracking

Author: Deep Root Analytics

ARLINGTON, VA (October 15, 2019) – Deep Root, an audience-powered analytics company that identifies audiences, analyzes how they consume media, integrates them into media platforms, and measures the audience impact of paid and earned media, announced it will enhance its DC Influentials product offering with local cable ad occurrence data.

The new investment, in coordination with Kantar’s Media Division, tracks all ads aired on local cable on the top networks in the Washington, DC media market and produces a robust and previously unavailable data source that will deliver crucial insights to political, public affairs, issue advocacy and corporate reputation advertisers.

This newly available data will be featured in the Deep Root Platform, which analyzes how key audiences consume media, and added to the company’s existing Paid and Earned Media Measurement products that already measure how all national and local broadcast media activity is impacting those audiences. The addition of cable ad occurrence data in the Washington, DC, market will allow advertisers and marketers to have complete situational awareness of the media landscape for the first time ever.

 “Our growing list of clients in the public affairs and corporate reputation space care deeply about reaching and measuring an Influential audience in the nation’s capital,” said Deep Root CEO Sara Fagen. “This feature will enhance our ability to help them do just that.”

“Our DC Influentials product has had great success in helping our clients reach and measure their ideal audience with great impact and efficiency,” added Deep Root’s Chief Data Scientist Alex Lundry. “This will give them complete insight into the increasingly competitive landscape vying to reach this important audience.”

Deep Root is treating the Washington, DC market as a pilot and hopes to add local cable ad occurrence tracking in the Los Angeles and New York media markets in the near future.

To learn more about Deep Root’s DC Influential product, contact Chief Revenue Officer David Seawright at [email protected].

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We do this by leveraging our analytics, targeting and metrics infrastructure that produces a variety of highly accurate probabilities for every adult in your market on the measures that matter most to your organization. We then match those audiences to observed TV viewership data to create audience-specific TV ratings as well as into addressable and digital ad platforms for online activation. Our state-of-the-art targeting capabilities make your advertising plan more effective and more cost-efficient, all while providing clients total situational awareness by quantifying the audience value of paid and earned media activity.

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