Jul 25, 2018


Author: Deep Root Analytics

ARLINGTON, VA (July 25, 2018) – Deep Root Analytics, an innovator in predictive media analytics, is pleased to congratulate our very own David Seawright for being named a 2018 Rising Star by Campaigns & Elections. 

Candidates and causes will spend millions on TV advertising this year and David Seawright is helping GOP campaigns spend those dollars more effectively and efficiently up and down the ballot.

At Deep Root, he serves as the TV targeting and media analytics lead for many of the firm’s top clients, including party committees and the important races of the 2018 cycle. He also leads much of the firm’s product work when it comes to ad targeting.

“We are very proud that Campaigns & Elections and David’s clients and peers have recognized him as a Rising Star,” said CEO Brent McGoldrick.  “He is a true professional at the forefront of media analytics, helping our clients win races and efficiently allocate their media budgets.”

David Seawright
Vice President of Client Strategy

David Seawright joined Deep Root Analytics in January 2014. He now serves as the Vice President of Client Strategy and has worked on media analytics for clients including the Republican National Committee, Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and many more. He also frequently speaks at universities and events around the country on targeting, data and media analytics.

About Deep Root Analytics

Deep Root Analytics is a media analytics company that optimizes your television advertising and advertising budget. We empower more effective, efficient and accountable media buying decisions by matching first-party target data to multiple sources of actual viewing behavior and make available a suite of media analytics dashboards and tools. We connect every phase of your media campaign with an audience-centric strategy – identifying, activating, and tracking your target audiences across the paid and earned media landscape.  For more information, follow @DeepRootX and visit deeprootanalytics.com.