May 14, 2018

Actually, The Data Shows Republican Campaigns Are Turning UP The Volume On Tax Reform.

Author: Deep Root Analytics

The Reuters’ headline of May 7 could not be more wrong when it stated “Republicans in key election races turn down volume on Trump’s tax cuts.”  In fact, Republican candidates for federal office are running ON taxes more than anything else.

Where the Reuters analysis fell short is that it did not analyze paid media, which is, by far, the biggest line item in campaigns’ budgets and the crucial indicator of what campaigns believe will win elections.

A Deep Root Analytics analysis of Kantar CMAG advertising data shows that, when it comes to what Republican campaigns are saying in their advertisements, they are advertising on taxes and tax reform more than any other issue.  And, in fact, since January, the number of Republican ads on tax reform have been increasing.

So, to use the old adage, Republican campaigns are “putting their money where their mouth is” and turning the volume up to 11.