Feb 07, 2018


Author: Rachel Bachman, Source: Wall Street Journal

Forget immigration: Women’s hockey might be the nation’s most polarizing subject.

Democrats are 29% more likely than the general population to watch women’s hockey in the Winter Olympics. Republicans are 44% less likely to watch it.

Those are two findings of a poll by Deep Root Analytics into voters’ Olympic viewing plans.

Republicans are about even with the general population in their likelihood to watch the Olympics overall, but are a whopping 37% likelier to watch the opening ceremony. They’re 16% likelier to watch bobsled, luge and skeleton, and 29% less likely to watch curling.

Democrats are 21% likelier than the general population to watch the Olympics, and consequently are likelier to watch nearly every sport (except bobsled and other sliding sports, on which they’re average). Other Democratic favorites include figure skating (18% likelier), snowboarding (16%) and men’s hockey (12%).

The numbers come from an online survey of 1,027 adults representative of the U.S. population from Jan. 10 to 12. Deep Root Analytics, an audience segmentation firm that works in commercial and political advertising, conducted the poll for political campaigns aiming to target Olympic viewers ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

Political candidates wanting to reach swing voters during the Olympics should avoid snowboarding, which the undecided are 17% less likely to tune into.

Instead, candidates might buy a commercial on a program swing voters are 13% more likely to watch: the closing ceremony.

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