May 31, 2017

Coverage of DRA’s Expanded DMA Analysis of ESPN Viewership

Author: Deep Root Newsroom

As a follow up to the media discussion from our original analysis of ESPN’s shifting viewer partisanship, Deep Root Analytics published a second analysis in which we expanded our DMA deep-dive to 43 local markets across the country.  Our comprehensive review and findings have been discussed in a number of outlets including:

How ESPN lost Republican viewers (Video), Fox News, 5/25/17

Analysis: ESPN Lost Republican Viewers Across the Country in 2016, Outkick the Coverage, 5/24/17

Shocking Study Reveals Just How Liberal ESPN Has Become, Daily Caller, 5/24/17

ESPN Loses Subs, Republican Viewers Too, Media Post, 5/15/17

Republican Viewers Tuning Out ESPN, Deep Root Says, Broadcasting Cable, 5/12/17