May 24, 2017

Deep Root Analytics Expands Advocacy & Reputation Business, Now Offers More Than 60 Audiences to Reach Dish & DirecTV Households with Addressable Advertising

Author: Deep Root Newsroom

Arlington, VA, May 24, 2017 – Deep Root Analytics, a leading media & audience analytics company that creates data platforms for audience targeting and ad monitoring, announced today that it has expanded the number of audiences available with D2 Media Sales to enable political, corporate & advocacy advertisers to target Dish and DIRECTV households using proprietary audience segments.

Deep Root Analytics has created 35 new proprietary audience segments based on their affinity scores on political & policy issues and interest in corporate responsibility efforts.

These new audiences represent an increase in the Deep Root Analytics footprint to reach Dish & DIRECTV households above their initial announcement in 2016 and brings its overall addressable audience offering to more than 60 unique audience segments.

As such, Deep Root Analytics has pre-matched these segments to D2’s advertising platform, providing addressable TV advertising to nearly 23 million DIRECTV and DISH satellite households.

“In 2017, advocacy and brand advertisers are navigating a tricky and fractured media landscape.  They are especially keen to identify and efficiently reach audiences based on what they value and to drive their agenda and manage their brand reputations,” noted Deep Root Analytics CEO Brent McGoldrick.  “At Deep Root Analytics, we are focused on helping them make their paid media as data-driven as possible. So, we are thrilled to work with D2 Media Sales and access their best-in-class addressable TV platform to enable our clients to directly communicate with nearly 23 million DIRECTV & DISH customers.”

The 35 new proprietary segments created by Deep Root Analytics and made available for addressable advertising via D2 Media Sales include:



With the addition of these new audience segments, political, advocacy, and corporate advertisers can now target more than 60 Deep Root audience segments with D2 Media Sales to reach DISH & DIRECTV households. The segments created by Deep Root Analysis do not utilize customer data provided by DIRECTV & DISH.

The Deep Root Difference

Deep Root Analytics leverages media analytics to surface hidden data insights and provides greater efficiency, effectiveness and accountability for media buying decisions. Using proprietary methodology, Deep Root Analytics matches first-party target data to a blended set of large-linked, multi-sourced datasets and makes available a suite of media analytics dashboards and tools, including custom ratings, optimized media buys, ad occurrence evaluation, media mix modeling, and unduplicated reach analysis. For more information, follow @DeepRootX and visit