Jul 10, 2015

Shark Week: The Hype is Real

Author: deeproot_admin

If you’ve consumed some form of media this week, you’ve at least heard about Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. We were talking about it in the office and wondered two things:

  1. Is the hype real? Do more people actually tune in to see Shark Weekprogramming than other Discovery Channel content?
  2. If the hype is real, what types of Americans are watching the most Shark Week programming?

To find the answers, we dug into our Deep Root Audiences data, which has matched 17 modeled universes of voters against cable set-top box data to find out what different groups are watching on TV.

The findings are obvious. Using 2014 data in the New York City media market, we see that viewership jumps significantly on every day of Shark Week (August 10–17, 2014) compared to the same days of the week for the rest of the month.

The best political and advocacy audience to reach during Shark Week is older swing voters, followed by blue collar men and social conservatives. The worst? Foreign policy hawks, although they still doubled their Discovery Channel viewership during Shark Week.

The image below displays an interactive dashboard we built to visualizeShark Week data. Click on the caption to the left to visit the dashboard. Once you’re there, hover over any data point to see the corresponding audience and rating.


Click here to visit our interactive dashboard visualizing Shark Week data.

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