Nov 7, 2014

How GOP Data Dogs Celebrated the Midterms

Author: deeproot_admin

It’s the Wednesday after the election, and the quants at Deep Root Analytics—a GOP media-targeting firm—are resisting the urge to celebrate. We’re seated around the conference room table at their office in Alexandria, Virginia, where a wall of windows frames the Potomac River, rust-red autumn leaves on its banks. Deep Root partner Alex Lundry, dressed in sneakers and a maroon V-neck sweater, and sporting the beginnings of a gingery beard, is standing in front of a projector screen, walking me through the data from competitive Senate races. After a night like Tuesday, he says, “the temptation would be to say, ‘Hey, great work. Awesome stuff,’ ” and to look no further at the data. “We’re trying to show that despite an extraordinary win, there are still some missed opportunities.”